How To Spot Fake Gold

It’s nice to think that you can put your trust in a jeweler who is looking to sell you Aat pawn shops or other second-hand institutions. If you’re considering buying a gold piece of jewelry but you want to make sure it’s real, follow this guide on how to spot fake gold

Does it float?:

One of the easiest tricks to do with anything supposedly made out of gold is to drop the gold into a cup of water and watch what it does. If it isn’t pure gold it’ll float. If it is gold-plated, it may bob back and forth between floating and sinking. If it’s pure gold, it will sink to the bottom of the cup. Also, real gold will not rust

Does it turn your skin green or black?:

This is one you probably already know, but if a bracelet or ring turns your skin green or black, it’s not real gold. Consider looking at a purchase with a guarantee if you are concerned.

Check for a stamp:

While very old pieces may not have it, all modern pieces of gold should have some sort of stamp on a small, hidden part of the piece of jewelry. This usually notes the karats or purity of the piece. The manufacturer’s stamp should also be there for good measure. If you see a stamp that reads HGP (heavy gold plate), HEG (heavy electroplated gold), or GF (gold filled), these are not pure gold and are dead giveaways.

Is the weight light?:

One of the neatest features of gold is that it is heavier than it looks, since it’s a dense metal. Weigh the piece of jewelry on a jewelers scale and see if it matches the weight that is presented on the piece. If it seems too light or the numbers just don’t match, it’s not pure gold

Is it magnetic?:

Gold is non-magnetic. Get a stronger than average magnet and see if they are attracted to one another. If the magnet is drawn to the item, then it is fake gold

When in doubt, ask a professional:

If you are still not sure on the authenticity of the gold, you’ll want to check with a certified jeweler or a precious metal consultant. This really is the best and only way to help you determine whether it is fake gold or real gold.

You have more ability than you realize to spot fake gold. All you need to do is put it to these tests and you’ll know when you’ve got a great deal versus when you are going to get ripped off.


5 thoughts on “How To Spot Fake Gold

  1. Great tips to know👍 I have always wondered what those letters meant on some of the gold items (well, not real gold come to find out) I have bought in the past. I thought they were all makers marks.

  2. I enjoyed this article, and learnt some very useful tips. I’ll be busy checking all my gold jewellery now to see if any of it is fake!!

  3. Thank you for the information. Next time I’ll look for a gold jewelry I’ll be more aware of these tricks so that I buy real gold and not fake one! It’s so expensive you don’t want to be fooled. 😮

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